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Nicole, , Nikki, Nickie. 20 yrs young. NYC. Taken <3. Photographer. Music Lover. School of Visual Arts Photography Major; Sophomore.
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Black & White V. Color

A couple of photos I took in my studio class this week. ^-^

Editing process has begun.

Okay -

So I pretty much need a model for a project in my class. Its called the “Reclining Nude” and it is as what it is described. I need a model that is willing to be photographed nude or partially nude. Your face does not need to be shown!!! I just need a model that would like to do this and is completely and 100% serious about committing to it and most importantly¬†is okay with it!¬†

So if there is anyone at all interested and you’re in NYC, respond to this post or even write in my ask box! Thanks!